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It Falls Apart EP

Written by: PP on 28/03/2021 19:12:46

Toska Fall is a punk rock band hailing from Enschede, Holland, whose sophomore EP "It Falls Apart" is about to land in digital stores next month. It's a confusing record because, on one hand, it's neck-deep in melodic punk with technical riffs, and elsewhere it dips into influence from metalcore, resulting in a weird balance where it almost feels like half the band is a metal band and the other one a punk rock one.

The title track opening the EP is easily the best one on the record. Here, the band draws from Midwestern punk and melodic punk and slaps on a coarse, raspy vocalist, and the result is an enjoyable basement style sing along with technical flair on display in the guitar department. "Out Of Luck" likewise goes in a lighter direction, utilizing The Menzingers style tapped guitars before reverting into a melodic punk direction. But already on "Everything In Order", the band slips into a metallic tinge. Here, the raspy vocals and a melodic ring rescue the song from what was an odd direction to go after the first couple of tracks.

Unfortunately, there's more of the same on offer on "News" and particularly "New Hope". The former starts like a metal'n'roll cut with a southern rock vibe to it, drawing parallels to Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster before bringing it back into punk rock. But the latter, a fully-fledged metal piece, just isn't well executed and frankly sounds dire.

If "It Falls Apart" EP is supposed to be a sort of a find-yourself experiment for the band, then the recommendation based on these six tracks is: drop the metal. Focus on the melodic, infectiously catchy Strung Out style vibe you have going on for you on the title track and "Out Of Luck". These sing-alongable punk rock cuts are what makes the EP, but the rest is regrettably a drag. Toska Fall is a relatively inexperienced band for the time being, so there's still time to refine the expression. As it is now, two solid tracks out of six available won't cut it.

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Release date 25.04.2021
White Russian Records

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