Infiltrate The System

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Few bands manage to stick together for over twenty years. Those that do are usually them who have blinding live shows and amazing records back-on-back, and don\'t deviate too much from their core sound. Consequently these bands usually leave behind a legacy of influence on the genre through a signature sound that can always be attached to that band and to that band only. Madball is that band.

Most people following the hardcore scene undoubtedly know Freddy and his New York Hardcore outfit inside out already, so a lengthy history lesson isn\'t in the interests of this review. Alas, you merely get the statement that \"Infiltrate The System\" is Madball\'s eighth album and it offers no surprise to the band\'s sound at all. But that should be hardly shocking at this stage of their career. For the few that don\'t know the band, what that means is a fists-in-air hardcore sound, complete with furious breakdowns in the 80s style and monotonous yelling. This is two-step hardcore the way it was always meant to be before bands like First Blood came and ruined it for all of us.

Think of them as the lesser known brothers of Sick Of It All and, of course, Agnostic Front. Think slow creeper tracks with huge gang vocals, and think some in-your-face breakneck speed hardcore punk mixed together on one album. That\'s \"Infiltrate The System\" in a nutshell. It\'s fairly simple music, but hey, that\'s what New York hardcore has always been about - the family, the legacy, the friends, all brought together into one big mosh pit to wave their fists to the air and yell for liberty. It has rarely been studio-friendly, as the atmosphere of a Madball show isn\'t something you can capture on a record. It needs to be experienced live.


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Release date 21.08.2007
Ferret Records

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