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Sick Day EP

Written by: PP on 02/03/2021 18:40:36

Rest Easy is a brand new melodic hardcore outfit from Vancouver, Canada playing the genre the old school 90s way. That is, electrifying, buzzing punk rock where the pedal is firmly glued to the floor with Lifetime style coarse, scratchy vocals on top, just the way we like it here at It is no surprise to find familiar names behind a release like this one: members of melodic hardcore legends Shook Ones and Daggermouth have teamed up and the result is four tracks worth of genre-specific godhood on debut EP "Sick Day".

Basically, expect d-beat style, breakneck speed melodies turbocharged with energetic barks, and loaded emotional charge splashing out through every line on the record. It's just seven minutes across, but Rest Easy makes them count. It's four bangers from start to finish that'll take you right back to records by Dolarhyde, No Trigger, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, or Shook Ones, which as you might imagine is equivalent to a record bursting from passion, urgency, and razor-sharp vocals. It's also infectiously catchy thanks to the melodically ringing guitars, and stays so true to the genre it must be commended for not deviating from the intimate, basement style punk rock, not one ounce.

Of the four cuts available, "Bad Idea" is arguably the most memorable, given its heavy emotional charge and lean towards that genre in general. But the punk rock / melodic hardcore combos of the title track, "Headaches" or "Get Busy Dyin'" are rock solid as well. Let me put it this way: should they be able to record an album's worth of material like this, they'll be a virtual lock on that year's top 5 records list.

Download: Bad Idea, Headaches, Sick Day
For the fans of: No Trigger, Shook Ones, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Dolarhyde
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Release date 12.02.2021
Mutant League Records

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