Trapped In A World

Written by: PP on 27/02/2021 02:17:59

Like most other bands, Terror has been holed up for the past year or so with nothing better to do than to record material. "Trapped In A World" isn't a new album though as much as it is a re-worked version of the original hardcore onslaught the band presented on "Lowest of The low" EP and debut album "One With The Underdogs", back when guitarist Todd Jones was still in the band. As luck would have it, Todd was available for a quick revisit of the bands oldest material, and the result is twelve cuts from those two records, re-recorded in one take with all band members playing together simultaneously to achieve an even rougher and more vitriolic atmosphere than in the original recordings, or that was at least the aim here.

Indeed, fan favorites like "Overcome" and "Lowest Of The Low" are played faithfully here, with minimal adjustments to structure and content, where the focus has primarily been to make the record sound as raw as possible. The end result is an album that, in the band's own words, has more of a rehearsal room type of a sound. Can't disagree with that: the production is lo-fi enough to mistake it for a live album recorded in one go, minus the crowd noise. And while it's certainly more organic in the sense that this is how Terror sounds like live when they deliver these tracks, there's just no beating a proper studio recording of the same. So while "Keep Your Mouth Shut" sounds vitriolic, ferocious even on this record, the original album version just sounds better.

In the end, that leaves "Trapped In A World" as a nostalgia-piece, a collectible for the band's oldest fans, or alternatively, a way to check out the highlights from the EP and the debut if you got into the band later on. That said, you're not missing out on anything particular here even as a Terror fan.


Download: Overcome
For the fans of: Lionheart, Hatebreed, No Turning Back, Expire
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Release date 05.03.2021

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