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Written by: PP on 17/02/2021 23:47:45

Not sure exactly what happened in 2019 but somehow I missed out on reviewing the latest EP "And Then What Happened Was..." by the Copenhagen alternative punk rockers Kill The Rooster (feat two members of Forever Unclean). It's a four-track record that came out via Disconnect Disconnect Records during that summer, and represents the first new material by the band since their now cult-classic self-titled debut album from 2013. It's about time these boys showed why they are so sorely missed in the Copenhagen scene, because judging by these four tracks, there's so much more great material left in these guys to write another fantastic album. Therefore, let it not be a secret: it is to induce a new record out of Kill The Rooster why we're posting this review almost two years later.

Let's get straight to it, then. If their debut album drew from alternative rock and even metal as its baseline to setup for a punk rock expression, "And Then What Happened..." EP leaves those influences largely behind as mere nuances and undertones, focusing on a faster, even tighter (if that's even possible) version that's closer to melodic skate punk than alternative rock, save for maybe "Bombs". Here, the band goes for their signature-style darker, fast alternative rock sound that's as hard-hitting as it is infectiously catchy and breakneck speed, but otherwise, the record stays in the melodic punk realm for the most part: lightning speed, skate punk style approach yet with a dark background twist throughout.

The EP highlight is clearly "Walls", infectiously catchy sing-along melody delivered at breakneck speed complete with intricate guitar melodies and d-beat style percussion. With slightly better production, this song would've been among the best punk songs released in 2019 on the international scene. The melody is simply irresistible. Similarly, "Machine" is exactly the kind of material that makes a band stand out. It's neither straight-up melodic punk nor alternative rock, but somewhere in between that's almost impossible to place in terms of band comparisons, and that's the sweet spot where Kill The Rooster lands in a distinct, unique territory in a glorious manner. If anything, this EP is continuous proof that this band remains criminally underrated and undiscovered by the scene at large.


Download: Walls, Machine
For the fans of: (old) Green Day, Serj Tankian, Billy Talent
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Release date 14.09.2019
Disconnect Disconnect Records

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