Three Legs Of Trouble

Written by: TL on 01/02/2008 01:38:10

If you like rock'n'roll, you'll like Stonerider. It's as easy as that. In a time where the scene has become all about metal riffs, hardcore breakdowns and insane screaming, there's simply no way their debut album "Three Legs Of Trouble" won't stand out with it's attempt at reviving everything that was cool about the good old days of Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC.

From the first lick of opener "Rush hour, baby" I'm thinking "Why is this not on Guitar Hero?!" and that feeling persist throughout the entire album. Every single riff simply goes straight to your balls and makes you grab for your air (or plastic) guitar, and the solo of that first song is badass and bluesy as to make Jimmy Page proud and Slash lift his eyebrows. Matt Tanner's vocals remind me of the Jet one hit wonder "Are You Gonna Be My Girl". It is his attitude that makes this album go up to Wolfmother, slap them on their faces, calling them a band of poppy wimps.

On these merits "Tree Legs Of Trouble" is already a good album on its own, and one that will certainly keep you brandishing that imaginary (or plastic) instrument of yours for a good long while, and even after that, you'll still be occupied trying to keep track of all the references to Hendrix and Aerosmith and God knows who else has been on the minds of these guys when they wrote the songs.

With all this being said, there are however also drawbacks to the cd, mainly in the way that despite paying tribute to the whole fried and whiskey drenched hard rock style, the way it's being done is a little bit too clean cut in terms of the formula. The whole sound is based on being ragged and drunken and dusty and yet the structure is tighter than a lawyers ass. There's one distinct formula to the sound and the band doesn't stray from it for a second, and it's hard not to doubt that if they really were as rock'n'roll as they're trying to sound, wouldn't they then cut loose some more and make more of a mess of things? In any case "Three Legs Of Trouble" is highly enjoyable even if under the disguise it is a bit too polished and radio friendly.


For the fans of: Wolfmother, Jet, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC

Download: "Rush Hour, Baby", "Shut My Mouth", "Hair Of The Dog"
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Release date 28.01.08
Trustkill Records
Provided by Target ApS

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