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Dancing With The Curse

Written by: PP on 11/01/2021 20:55:20

Get Dead has slowly become one of the most exciting names on the famed Fat Wreck Chords roster, thanks to their explorative approach to writing gravelly punk rock for the scratchy-throat fans out there. Their style is rather complex to pinpoint as they seamlessly blend together a diverse array of expressions ranging from urban sounds to raw street punk and ska/reggae, where the third album "Dancing With The Curse" really outs the band into a new world where I'm almost inclined to compare them to a Fat Wreck-ised version of London's urban masters Sonic Boom Six.

Let's take the opener "Disruption". Here, an unconventional hip-hop segment surprises the listener before morphing abruptly into a danceable ska/reggae piece with an irresistible chorus, heavy guitars, and much more in what feels like an explosion of cultural expansion in every direction. It sets a nicely chaotic and unpredictable tone to the record that's continued through "Nickel Plated" and "Fire Sale", where we turn more towards a high-octane, straight-up punk rock expression characterized by the coarse, whiskey-flavored vocals we remember from "Honesty Lives Elsewhere".

Later, we're dabbling in ska-punk with an energy injection that in places recalls the street punk of The Casualties mixed in with early material from The Flatliners. In short, it's upbeat, rowdy, and vibrant, showcasing an expression that feels like it's happening. It's a brilliantly constructed party atmosphere that feels alive throughout, where songs like the folksy Against Me! style "Pepperspray" and political party anthem "Confrontation" likely to stir up intensely sweaty pits at small venues around, yet the expression itself has grown and matured enough to justify main stage showcases at festivals like FEST, Groezrock, and Punk Rock Holiday.

The first half of the record is already good, but the second half rips, for the lack of a better expression. The breakneck speed punk rock varies between Midwestern punk, ska/punk, and street punk with other influences enough to echo the likes of None More Black, Dead To Me, and even Astpai at times, suggesting a near-perfect mix between melodically ringing guitars, raw, throaty vocals and swelling bass lines throughout. By the time you hit "Take It" - the final song that also happens to be one of the best on the record - you're left with a "wow, I for sure did not expect that good of a record" that elevates Get Dead's effort as one of the best in punk rock this year.

Download: Disruption, Pepperspray, Fire Sale, Confrontation, Green's Girl, Take It
For the fans of: None More Black, The Flatliners, Astpai, The Falcon, Dead To Me, Swingin' Utters
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Release date 09.10.2020
Fat Wreck Chords

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