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Lockdown Acoustic EP

Written by: MAK on 30/12/2020 14:54:52

Still yet to play a show, TNS Records supergroup Knife Club follow straight on from their debut album, “We Are Knife Club” with an acoustic release. Aptly named “Lockdown Acoustic EP”, Knife Club continued their socially distanced songwriting while the UK was on Lockdown. With members scattered around the country, this is no different to how the first release was written and recorded.

Being an acoustic release, we are treated to a different dynamic to a sound that focused around fast, punchy punk-rock that borrowed elements of hardcore. “Stay Safe, Don’t Die” for one is a soft track that let’s Zoe Barrow’s voice shine in a beautiful way, a contrast to her usual gruffy shouts on the debut, and her regular band Casual Nausea. Placed on top of plucky folk-like melodies, her soothing cleans digs into how the Tory government has handled the global pandemic, mocking the “Stay Alert, Stay Safe” slogan, asking the question, “Can’t go out, can’t stay in..Where the fuck do we fit in?”. “Bozo Is an Underused Insult” follows suit on ripping into the Tories, but aiming directly at leader Boris Johnson, with a catchy chorus that repeats “You’re still a cunt in a pandemic”. For an acoustic track it has more of an edge to it, gruffier vocals from Andy Davies and more chord like strums give it more of that punk atmosphere. There is a Days N Daze tone to it.

The next couple of tracks are acoustic renditions of songs from the debut release, “Remember the Gold Dollar Sign Hoodie?” acts as a stripped back darker edged punk track that combines the beauty of Zoe’s vocals with the gruffness of Andy’s like a perfect yin and yang. “The Tibby Tan Tiger” stole the show one the album, and it does the same for this EP with its overall chirpy nature and catchy melodies that make you want to sing along. The acoustic version carries the same upbeat energy as the original, with added violin melodies as a nice twist from Stand Out Riot’s Tessa Hunt.

EP closer “You Can Only Try Your Best” acts as one of the more experimental tracks from Knife Club, leaning again more towards folkier influences than punk. Thudding percussion beats and beautiful strings linger in the background of entrancing melodies. The duel vocals between Zoe and Andy combine again in an ever softer approach than before, it’s different but a very welcome delivery that you hope features in future Knife Club material. Considering the diverse musical background of Knife Club members, this kind of multidimensional track is one that I hoped would feature from the start.

Two releases in and Knife Club are already broadening the horizons they set with their melodic, yet aggro punk on their debut album. With this EP, I can wish they continue to approach more different punk substyles. The folky style suits them, and I can only imagine other elements will too. The “Lockdown Acoustics EP” is a great little listen, chilled out compared to the album, but shows the musical depth and the drive that Knife Club have to persevere while the world is in chaos.


Download: The Tibby Tan Tiger, Bozo Is an Underused Insult, You Can Only Try Your Best
For The Fans Of: Days N Daze, Matilda's Scoundrels
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Release date 06.11.2020
TNS Records

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