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Never Satisfied EP

Written by: PP on 24/12/2020 16:50:10

If it's pop punk with references to the genre's golden days you're after, look no further than the debut EP "Never Satisfied" by Pittsburgh's The Middle Room. We're knee-deep (or perhaps neck-deep ;-)?) in tribute and inspiration by bands like The Story So Far, Motion City Soundtrack, Knuckle Puck, Armor For Sleep, and numerous others on a high-energy seven track cut that shines with a youthful spirit and energetic passion like only debut records tend to do.

Vocalist Johnny Dombeck employs a similar, over-the-top blow over approach to pouring his heart over the mic as The Story So Far's Parker Cannon, but isn't afraid to tone things down and go for the bittersweet emotional style in the vein of MCS's Justin Pierre as well. It's turbocharged pop punk with nonstop energy, infectious hooks, and bouncy choruses everywhere, which admittedly isn't very original but is delivered with enough conviction and urgency to sound great anyway.

While the first part of the record races through in-your-face pop punk through and through, the latter part of the record shows a different path The Middle Room could also conceivably choose for their debut album and beyond. "20/20" namely makes a stylistic adjustment towards grand emo/alternative with Armor For Sleep's "Smile For Me" being the closest point of reference.

For now, The Middle Room has proven they can write solid pop punk that stays true to the genre definition. It's convincing enough to avoid the trap of sounding derivative despite obvious similarities, thanks to a high-energy, believable delivery by the whole band. Keep an eye on these guys for a debut album that might blow you away.


Download: Hold That Thought, Firewall
For the fans of: The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Armor For Sleep, Neck Deep, Like Pacific, State Champs
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Release date 06.11.2020

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