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PEARS has been one of the most innovative and original punk bands of the past decade. Through violent outbursts of aggressive hardcore and raw energy blended with melodic punk sensibilities, they've formed an expression that is as unique as it is brilliant and infectious. I can honestly say I've never quite heard anything like their debut album "Go To Prison" in 2014, which was followed up by the nearly as great, ridiculously high tempo "Green Star" two years later. But it turns out those two were just practice for their third, self-titled masterpiece of an album, where words like piercing and ferocious earn a new meaning within the context of hardcore and punk. It is indeed one of those records which proves to detractors that punk is very much alive even in 2020.

Where the first two records were basement punk records designed to explode small venues into pieces of chaotic energy, "PEARS" takes that a step further and opens up their sound into more melodic and more accessible territory, without sacrificing any of the killer energy and passion in the process. In other words, PEARS truly grows into their own here, drawing parallels to the best records by the likes of NOFX and Descendents while also sourcing intricate melodic hardcore fury from Paint It Black. Best of all, these references come as subtle undertones in a soundscape that feels fresh and unique.

Compared to earlier records, PEARS have finally arrived at a perfectly balanced production between the raw chaos and melodic sections, resulting in almost radio-friendly material if it wasn't for the constant tempo shifts into breakneck speed, tearing blend of punk/hardcore that feels as if it's ripping from its seams. Yes, the guitars shred, crash, and burst out aggressive lines, while Zach Quinn's original hardcore-inspired vocals scream and bark in zigzag fashion back and forth. But songs like "Comfortably Numb" and "Zero Wheels" also load-up on grander melodies and a roomier expression that will finally take PEARS away from the basements and onto bigger stages, as they deserve. They even reference pop culture on "Dial Up" which effectively translates Lou Bega's "Mambo No. 5" chorus into a dark punk rock format.

Best of all, the band does this without any decrease in their signature style chaos and unpredictable tempo changes. The sound is considerably more melodic and clean in places, but it is also experimental - check out the unusual percussion on "Killing Me" or the HORSE The Band-esque synths on "Worm" for example - and deeply rooted in OFF! style hardcore as well (see: "Sympathy Cone").

And that is what makes "PEARS" such a magnificent record. It positions itself somewhere in a triangle consisting of "The Decline" by NOFX, "Everything Sucks" by Descendents, and Paint It Black's "Paradise", resulting in instantly catchy songs like "Daughter", "Funerals", "Nervous", "Comfortably Dumb" and many others. There's little doubt it is their best album to date and based on the incredible variety of song and style ("Travelling Time", anyone?), and an undeterred consistency throughout, it is bound to become a genre masterpiece if not an outright cult classic.


Download: Killing Me, Comfortably Dumb, Nervous, Funerals, Daughter
For the fans of: NOFX, Descendents, Shook Ones, Star Fucking Hipsters, Western Addiction, Paint It Black
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Release date 06.03.2020
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