So Long

Written by: TL on 29/01/2008 00:52:02

Everyone who still likes and listens to Nickelback hands up - Didn\'t think so. Nevertheless, if there\'s anyone out there who thinks there\'s just too few bands like Nickelback and Hinder out there these days, here\'s an attempt at your taste. The debut album \"So Long\" from American Stereoside.

What can I say? Even if you\'re dying for more post-grunge in the veins of Staind and Creed you\'d be better off with basically any other band in the genre. For the first three songs it seems the record isn\'t half bad as the guitarwork gives you a kind of oldschool no bullshit hardrock feel, but then that\'s also all there is. It quickly becomes apparent that Stereoside has been content with writing only one song and basically only changing precious little before recording 12 different clones of it. The \"Verse, chorus, verse, chorus x10\" formula have rarely been exploited with less variation and as if this wasn\'t enough to turn you off, the lyrics of \"Wasted\" and \"Tattoo\" (\"\'cuz\' I\'m addicted to your tattoo!\") are downright insulting to the intelligence of all but the most drunken of trailer trash. Not only are the words retardedly stupifying, they also seem to have hardly any coherent meaning whatsoever, as perfectly displayed in the lame \"Always Remember\" (which seems to be some kind of tribute to the soldiers of the army. Didn\'t Drowning Pool already do this?)

By the end of this record, the last song \"On Our Way\" displays perfectly that the band is 100% oblivious to each and every quality of each and every band they praise in that song, and I say again, that even if you\'re begging for something to sustain grunge, then go listen to Alter Bridge.. or Sick Puppies.. or Hinder.. or Seether.. or even Nickelback. At least they have one or two songs that are halfway catchy. Stereoside on the other hand is the most generic and dispassionate piece of corporate crap I\'ve seen since I don\'t know when, and to realize that money has been spent on letting them record just makes me sick. Define: Artistic suicide.


For the fans of: Nickelback, Hinder, Staind

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Release Date 21.01.08
Bieler Records
Provided by Target ApS

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