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Written by: PP on 25/10/2020 02:13:15

It's awesome to see a young band blossom like The Deadnotes has done here on sophomore album "Courage". Their indie-flavored emo/alternative has always drawn its inspiration from the same realm as bands like Moose Blood and Have Mercy, yet they've crafted their singular niche into the style through a stronger lean towards the indie platform than others. The result is an earnest sound that's simultaneously nostalgia-driven, but most of all, it is spirited and youthful in the same way that Attack In Black's "Marriage" was back in 2007.

Perhaps their best song yet, "Cling To You", underlines everything that has gone right with this band. Vocalist Darius Lohmüller's melodic, optimistic delivery goes up-and-down the scale, leaving behind upbeat yet emotional and raw, back-chilling effect, especially when it's almost about to break into a scream in places. The chorus is up there with the best in the genre, and the slow, creeping style of the song ties together elements of singer-songwriter directly into the emo/indie platform. Most of all, it lends itself to a great melody that feels as explosive as it does emotionally-charged, exactly what you want from these types of songs.

On the opposite end, you have balladic songs like "Failsafe", where Darius sings: "I'm too young to know what life means... I'm too young to underssssstaaaand", a hair-raising moment that showcases variety, something I sought after on their debut album four years ago.

If the debut was characterized by highlights that elevated The Deadnotes closer to the indie-flavored indie/emo elites in Europe, then "Courage" is the record that solidly puts them there. It's full of awe-inspiring, passionate sing-along moments, introspection, and most of all, the production is a wonderful combination of pure vocal talent and clean guitar/percussion dynamics. It's cheerful when it needs to be, somber and melancholic otherwise, and balances the two on a perfectly thin wire to bring out an expression that just feels and sounds right. Fantastic material that's rock-solid throughout.


Download: Cling To You, Makeup, Never Perfect, Ghost On The Ceiling
For the fans of: Apologies, I Have None; Have Mercy; Dikembe; Moose Blood; Attack In Black
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Release date 14.02.2020
22 Lives Records

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