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Land Of The Free II

Written by: PP on 23/01/2008 17:27:35

German power metallers Gamma Ray may at first scare you away when you see their name, at least if you\'re like me, and are first encountering them now. But don\'t be afraid, Gamma Ray are basically Dragonforce^2, even if they\'ve been around for much longer. According to my research, their new album \"Land Of The Free II\" is a direct reference to their 1995 album carrying the same title, which is meant to be one of the most influential power metal albums of all time. And if it sounds anything like its sequel, that\'s almost certainly the case.

But back to the Dragonforce reference. \"Land Of The Free II\" is ultra-technical power metal, although perhaps not as ridiculously technical as some Dragonforce material. It has a positive tongue-in-cheek vibe to the music, which is good, because if the band took it all too seriously it\'d end up being a huge cheezefest. So expect loads of high-end synths, preposterously technical solos, and overall instrumental work that aligns with every aspect of the words majestic and epic.

What are some of the best songs? \"Into The Storm\", which opens the album, is massive. It\'s catchy, demonstrates awe-inspiring fretwork and its lyrics refer directly to the first album. \"To Mother Earth\" is the most Dragonforce sounding song on the album, packed with thunderous guitars and plentiful melody over ridiculous tempo. But there\'s no point for me to go on, as pretty much every song on the record is solid. Chances are, that even if you are a power metal hater like me, you\'ll still like Gamma Ray. Their melodies are just way too sweet to hate.

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Release date 19.11.2007
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