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There will come a time when we'll collectively look back at La Dispute as one of the most innovative bands of our time, reflecting on their ever-consistent and complex discography as one of the driving forces behind post-hardcore throughout the past decade. It's been five years since "Rooms Of The House", but that feels appropriate considering how well-crafted and intricate on detail their fourth album "Panorama" is overall.

Arguably the quietest and most atmospheric of La Dispute albums, it feels like a culmination of the emotionally charged post-hardcore expression the band has been perfecting over the years. It's equal parts raw and poetic, contemplative and thoughtful, but when necessary, explosive and brazen. A good example is the "Rose Quartz" leading into "Fulton Street I" and "Fulton Street II". La Dispute spends lengthy segments building an atmosphere with a slowly crescendoing soundscape in creeping fashion that peaks with an explosion of emotional charge, anger and raw emotion to encompass the soundscape into noisy, loud post-hardcore in the end. Elsewhere, the band introduces soothing trumpet to create an exotic, chilling mood on "Rhodonite And Grief", displaying just the kind of sophistication and maturity you would expect from a band on their fourth album.

The melodies are intricate, angular and complex throughout, focusing on depth-laden segments of spoken-word to duly contrast the crashing post-hardcore parts. Jordan Dreyer delivers yet another magnificent performance of passionate howls versus poetic buildups, whilst the unconventional percussion and pulsating rhythm department deserve equal praise. Together, they form an expression and an identity that is uniquely La Disputian and inimitable by others.

"Panorama" feels like a rewarding journey from start to finish. It plays on classic quiet/loud dynamics but injects these in such an erratic fashion that the outcome is a soundscape that truly feels special. Deep and complex, the record takes quite a while to absorb, but it continues a string of brilliance that currently feels like it will never end with this band.


Download: Fulton Street II, Rhodonite And Grief, Anxiety Panorama, There You Are (Hiding Place)
For the fans of: Hotel Books, As Cities Burn, mewithoutYou, Touché Amoré, Pianos Become The Teeth,
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Release date 22.03.2019

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