The Silence We Deserve

Written by: PP on 17/01/2008 00:37:38

I think I've just found a new synonym for generic metal: Scarpoint, and their debut album "The Silence We Deserve". It's one of those albums that the underground metal webzines will praise highly without being able to back it up with any hard evidence whatsoever. It'll always receive high ratings and readers will never really understand why, and thus it's destined to sell only a handful of copies to local fans only. This review attempts to explain why.

Although Scarpoint originates from Sweden, you wouldn't be able to guess that based on the sound. Don't expect any Gothenburg-style twin-guitar harmonies from the kvintet, even if they do flirt with the death metal genre quite a bit. The general outlook of the album is heavy; the bone-crushing riffs seek one goal and one goal only: to rupture your eardrums permanently. But none of the instrumental work is particularly catchy or interesting. There aren't any hooks that make you go "wow", despite this being a near-metalcore band, nor any solos that make you go "ohhh" either. Because there are so many innovative metal bands out there these days, playing just basic crunchy riffs isn't enough to warrant interest.

Pretty much the only redeeming aspect to the album is the vocal work, which in many places directly reminds you of that by Rob Flynn (Machine Head). The screams/growls are thick and solid, varying in range and resonance, making you wish his immense talent wouldn't be wasted on such average songs. In fact, it could be said that many of the songs attempt to do just what Machine Head did on "The Blackening" instrumentally, but fail to arouse a similar over-dominating effect. It's a shame, because with a vocalist like Henrik Englund, this band could go far.

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Release date 22.10.2007
Blind Prophecy Records
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