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Landfill Crew EP

Written by: PP on 27/10/2019 22:06:28

"LFC / broken kids from broken homes / also known as the Landfill Crew" is how Tim Armstrong introduces his new side-project featuring a star-studded lineup on self-titled four-track EP "Landfill Crew". Kevin Bivona of The Transplants fame, Dash Hutton of Haim, and John Morrical join Armstrong and Jamaican dancehall star Tippa Lee on a Gorillaz-style animated band. It's a gift for all fans of Rancid's more relaxed material given its successful attempt at blending "Let The Dominoes Fall"-style mature Rancid with considerable reggae influence courtesy of singer Tippa Lee.

If there ever was a match made in heaven between two vocal styles, it is Armstrong's laid-back hustle and the Bob Marley / Fugees style reggae-mix of Tippa Lee. "Poets In The Night" is a wonderful example of ska and reggae mixed with Rancid's playful melodies, the same as "Youth Revolt". It's pretty much impossible to avoid tapping your feet, nodding your head and bringing out your best reggae dance moves to these tunes right here.

At just four tracks though, "Landfill Crew" EP is over almost before it gets properly started. But given that each track on the record is consistently great, it's a solid introduction to what could become a very good band if they choose to record a full-length in the future. The reggae/punk/ska cocktail on this EP is exactly what you need to wind down, relax, and to hum along while sipping a drink in the shade of a palm tree somewhere in the Caribbean.


Download: Landfill Crew, Poets In The Night, Youth Revolt
For the fans of: Rancid, Bob Marley, Tippa Lee, Transplants
Listen: YouTube

Release date 30.01.2019
Pirates Press Records / Hellcat records

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