Morbid Stuff

Written by: PP on 06/10/2019 21:20:30

PUP has been one of the most exciting bands of the past few years within punk rock, thanks to their uniquely chaotic expression. It's one full of angular twists and turns, a constant battle between off-tune versus in-tune melodies, all encapsulated in infectious, unparalleled energy and passionate howls that create an atmosphere that feels like it's bursting at its seams. Their first two albums, "PUP" and "The Dream Is Over", were particularly engaging examples of absolute havoc delivered often at breakneck speeds, with insane distorted riffs racing across the soundscape with seemingly no predictable pattern.

In contrast, their third album "Morbid Stuff" feels almost mature and controlled, as strange as it feels to say those words out loud about an album as loud and abrasive as this one. Yet a song like "Bloody Mary Kate And Ashley" is more melodically inclined and more structured than the rowdy "Mabu" was, for instance. Not to worry, the band's trademark melancholic buzz, their constant barrage of playful riffs, and a knack for writing a ridiculously catchy punk anthem are still alive and well, just presented in a slightly more organized manner. A song like "Sibling Rivalry" is a great example with its well-written melody lines and gang-shout style vocals, where it no longer necessarily feels like PUP is stumbling down multiple storeys worth of stairs while simultaneously playing their instruments in the process. That being said, the aggressive, almost intimidating stance of "Kids" or the perfect sing-along chorus of "Closure" make the case that PUP is still every bit as insane as they were on their previous output.

Where "Morbid Stuff" may lack in the total craziness and unpredictability of its predecessors, it makes up in intricate, challenging song structures that borrow just enough from traditional songwriting to create some sense in a soundscape hallmarked for its chaos. Most importantly, PUP does this without sacrificing too much of their sense of urgency and immediacy, which is why on "Morbid Stuff", they still sound like most high-energy, buzzing band of our time. Only this time, with anthems that feel ready for a mainstream breakout.

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For the fans of: The Blood Brothers, At The Drive-In, Jeff Rosenstock, The Dirty Nil
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Release date 05.04.2019
Rise Records / Little Dipper

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