Living Hell

The Lost And The Damned

Written by: PP on 15/01/2008 01:24:11

Given the praise I\'ve been giving Revelation Records for sending me some of the best punk/hardcore albums out there for review, Living Hell\'s \"The Lost And The Damned\" comes as a surprising dent into the quality reputation of the label. But from a record company that brought us Shook Ones, Sinking Ships, Shai Hulud, Capital and Since By Man, Living Hell may just be the exception to the rule. I sure as hell hope so at least, because Living Hell are pretty fucking terrible for a hardcore band.

Consisting of nothing but metallic, lowly tuned three chord riffs and monotonous screaming song after song for twelve tracks spread over 32 minutes, the meaning of the word variation has completely been lost on this band. Even though you\'ll hear the occasional solo snap up here and there, and the vocalist sounds like Jamey Jasta in places, nothing else on the album convinces me enough to persuade you to even have a quick listen to them on Myspace. Song after song it\'s the same crap all over again, as if the band accidentally recorded the same song twelve times without noticing.

You can forget about the melody, the hooks and the speed of most punk hardcore releases, as Living Hell has none of these qualities. The songs are far to simple to warrant for attention, the breakdowns sound too forced, and the unvarying relentless aggression of the vocalist is, frankly said, boring. Some kid commenting on the review for the record said it the best: \"Even at local shows kids aren\'t into em\".


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Release date 12.11.2007
Revelation Records
Provided by Target ApS

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