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In Spite Of Me

Written by: PP on 07/01/2019 15:30:09

Few albums explode out the door the way that "In Spite of Me" does on its opening title track. It's a breakneck speed, high-energy pop punk track which sounds like a full glass constantly overflowing its edges thanks to the sublime energy of vocalist Jordan Black, who channels the in-your-face brawl of The Story So Far's Parker Cannon in an eerily similar fashion. And that's definitely something that Like Pacific has going for them throughout their sophomore record: the explosive energy in individual songs is something few other bands are able to capture as vividly on record.

There's just one problem: the songs are virtually identical to each other, all sung in the same, nasal pop punk tone to an extent where they all bleed into each other and, as a result, into saturated anonymity. After the great opener and the bouncy, summer vibes emitting "Sedatives", the next highlight on the album comes on track eight (!!) with the "treat me like a vacation" lyrics and only because the lyrics line sticks out, because the rest of the song offers absolutely no change from the seven that preceded it.

It's just too derivative. Pop on any of the early New Found Glory records or one by Fireworks and you'll struggle to hear the difference. "Nothing Gold Can Stay" came out more than 20 years ago, after all. None of which would be an issue if the band injected just a teeny bit of variety by not choosing to aggressively shout over breakneck speed tempo in each and every song.

Right now, the album can be summarized like this: crunchy guitars that draw from the pop-hardcore movement of the late 2000s? Check. Vocals that try to add a little edge by being shouty instead of pure clean? Check. Memorable melodies? Largely blending into each other. The result? A generic album, which doesn't leave much of a lasting impression aside from its high-energy atmosphere.


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For the fans of: The Story So Far, Living With Lions, Such Gold, Fireworks, New Found Glory
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Release date 27.07.2018
Pure Noise Records

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