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Written by: MAK on 04/12/2018 15:30:55

Supergroups are exciting, whether that’s from big names or small ones. When members from other bands combine their talents in a new one there is a buzz and there is certainly a buzz around the Hastings-based new hardcore outfit Haest. Featuring Dan Flanagan, the guitarist of folk punks Matilda’s Scoundrels, Mark Tanner, bassist of skate punks The Barracks, Dave Cullern the vocalist of melodic punks The Dead Anyways and Dan Kinsey of stoner doom act Wizard Fight, we have something heavier than most of these musicians have written before. Having only started performing shows in June 2018, the four-piece has already shared stages with the likes of The Dwarves and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man as well as performing at popular DIY punk festivals such as Pie Race and Wotsit Called Fest.

As expected with any hardcore band, this is made of pure grit, raw angst and all round brutality. The riffs are a full-on fuzzy and distorted, Dave Cullern’s voice is as honest and full of as much bitterness as it can produce. His vocals are slightly lower in the mix compared to a lot of recordings, letting the riffs and beats shine, giving this a real DIY atmosphere. Opener song ‘I Didn’t Throw a Single Stone and Still I Got Pissed On’ showcases all of this with a high tempo energy from Dan Kinsey’s thunderous drums and two-stepping rhythms. The follow up ‘Don’t Judge Dread Coffins’ is more of a groover, heavier hooks and punchier riffs to get the head banging going. ‘Hustler White’ stands out as a more sludgier hardcore number, providing slow Black Sabbath style riffs to start off with, then it evolves into a Cancer Bats influenced bluesy hardcore track with more vigour. For the most part, this is a doom heavy track that, sluggish riffs that lure you into a false sense of security. ‘Nobody Here Believes That There Is Such a Thing as Innocence’ is incredibly reminiscent to the youth crew hardcore scene in the UK, think of a mixture of Survival and Trial & Error, it’s less brute delivery and more about the rhythms in the riffs to get the feet moving.

This is a great first introduction to a new band that is creating a lot of waves in the UK punk scene more than the hardcore scene at the moment. This is raw and exciting, it shows depth in styles of hardcore, more of an old-school vibe instead of treading on the toes of the more popular beatdown influences that have shined in recent years. Haest mixes many influences from doom and sludge, to punk and hardcore, with some metalcore in there as well. Coming from members who are primarily in folk and skate punk bands, this is a nice twist to what to expect from these musicians.


Download: I Didn't Throw a Single Stone and Still Got Pissed On, Hustler White, Nobody Here Believes That There Is Such a Thing as Innocence
For The Fans Of: Survival, War Charge, Black Sabbath, Trial & Error, Cancer Bats
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Release date 01.08.2018

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