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Melodic hardcore bands are starting to grow old. What felt like an exciting, fresh movement just five years back is today starting to show the same signs as metalcore did towards the end of its heyday ten years ago. Saturation engulfed the style big time where fewer and fewer bands stood out from the gray mass, and we all know how that sounds today: derivative, unimaginative releases from an assembly line that pale in comparison to the classics in the genre, save for a few like Architects and a couple others. We're not quite that far with melodic hardcore just yet, however, as is evident with the sixth For The Fallen Dreams Album "Six", we're not far off either.

While "Six" from a songwriting and production perspective is a better album than their past few records, it is plagued by lack of innovation and too much reliance on the same formula as everyone else. Lingering melodies support anthemic, coarse clean choruses that in turn shift into bombastic breakdowns and ravaging screams, but really it's just standard fare melodic hardcore that occasionally sounds like you're listening to Misery Signals' 2006 classic "Mirrors", only 12 years later (see "Two Graves", for instance). I mean you can interchangeably insert songs by Counterparts, It Prevails, old Hundredth and the like, without hearing much difference neither in style nor quality. Where genre stalwarts like The Ghost Inside and Stick To Your Guns hammer anthemic classics out album after album, For The Fallen Dreams sound like they're satisfied enough writing just by-the-books melodic hardcore that ticks the checkmarks all right but never really gets its listener truly excited.

Such an approach is fair enough because you can't fault "Six" for being a bad album. It features huge melodies, catchy sing-along choruses that will light up venues for sure. Tracks like "The Undertow", "Unstoppable" and "Hypnosis" are bangers that, when listened on a good pair of headphones, will offer a solid combo of headbang-able riffs, muscular breakdowns, thick screams, and clean choruses that should appease most melodic hardcore fans easily. It's just unfortunate that the songwriting isn't more ambitious than it currently is - excluding the production value of the songs, of course.

Download: The Undertow, Unstoppable, Two Graves
For the fans of: Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, The Ghost Inside, While She Sleeps, Architects
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Release date 16.02.2018
Rise Records

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