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Written by: MAK on 07/11/2018 16:06:43

Last year at Manchester Punk Festival I discovered a strong energetic blast of hardcore punk from the south-west corner of the United Kingdom. This would be the Cornwall-based quartet, Rash Decision who blends the angst of hardcore with the spark of skate punk and the ferocity of thrash metal. The four-piece barely take a moment to breathe, releasing EPs and split records like they are going out of fashion, sharing recordings with the like of JFA, Broken Bones, 2 Sick Monkeys and more.

2018 sees the Cornwall outfit release a full-length album in the form of “Karoshi”, but this would be nothing but a short blast of monstrous noise, fourteen songs in the span of nineteen minutes just shows that these songs are aimed for nothing but creating short blasts of chaos for us. Songs that are designed to create that mess that was witnessed at MPF. The opening song, “900 Minutes” is a 47-second aural assault with steady up-tempo beats, crunchy hell riffs and throaty vocals. This sets a tone that barely wavers, “The Martockian” for instance follows with the same intense tempo, but this time the riffs show some proper grooves in the works to get your head banging.

The more this release goes on, the street punk meets hardcore vibes spread out, mixing the steady hard hitting beats with two-step rhythms, showing strong reminiscent tendencies towards Rotting Out, especially in songs like “Buzzsaw Tomahawk” and “Knocked Loose” with their gang shouts and a mixture of riff styles from the erratic to the grooving. “The Seagull Has Landed” however comes in more like an out and out youth crew hardcore track, sounding very much like Scottish bands War Charge and Trial & Error. "Medium Raw" perhaps stands out as the “catchy punk song” of the release, with a nice little sing along of “SAIL AWAY, SAIL AWAY, SAIL AWAY” towards the end of the what starts off with brutality and leads into a fun-fuelled outro to get everyone joining in.

While “Karoshi” is everything as tenacious as expected, I can picture the same circle pits and violent behaviour you would of any hardcore band. However, this release still packs more punch than I actually anticipated. Rash Decision holds nothing back, unapologetically providing an animal in musical form. Overall the riffs grab you by the throat, you either want to headbang or cause a riot as the four-piece mixes various spectrums of hardcore. The only shame is that being only nineteen minutes, this release leaves you wanting more.

Download: Knocked Loose, Medium Raw, 900 Minutes
For The Fans Of: Rotting Out, Trial & Error, War Charge, Expire
Listen: facebook.com

Release date 19.05.2018
Back From The Dead Records

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