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Will This Do?

Written by: PP on 20/10/2018 17:49:59

One way to capture a punk rock fan's attention is to call your band Jawbreaker Reunion, and sure enough, if you're into gravelly punk rock that band's gonna be right up your alley. That band is fronted by Lily Mastrodimos, who showcases her talent spanning multiple genres in her other band, Long Neck, a considerably quieter affair from the noisy punk realm of Jawbreaker Reunion.

"Will This Do?" is their sophomore album, and much like Long Neck's music in the past, it centralizes around the soothing, but strong vocal performance by Mastrodimos. Her powerful delivery is contrasted by a musical landscape that combines lo-fi indie rock, minimalistic indie/pop, and folksy elements to achieve a singer-songwriter-with-a-rock-band vibe throughout the record. The louder and faster songs like "Mine/Yours" and "Elizabeth" should bring to mind the likes of Lemuria and Candy Hearts, whilst many other tracks are virtually acoustic and channel influence from Waxahatchee, Cayetana and Laura Stevenson to an extent. With all those artists in mind, Long Neck, therefore, falls somewhere right in between all of them.

It's a distinct expression that's by no means derivative despite nuances of other bands hinted at, instead relying on fragile/strong, quiet/loud dynamics and allowing Ms. Mastrodimos' vocals to charm the listener like listening to a quaint stream on a wonderful Spring day. That said, the best material on the record are the louder tracks featuring punk undertones, such as "Love Letters" that is upbeat, playful and instantly catchy thanks to Mastrodimos' excellent performance on this one. Still, the grungy, lo-fi, Pavement-esque nerdy vibe of "Ashes" is also attention-grabbing in its own way. Altogether a varied, enjoyable release that weaves together punk fans, indie fans, and singer-songwriter fans in wonderful fashion, though without ever becoming spectacular.


Download: Love Letters, Mine/Yours, Elizabeth
For the fans of: Lemuria, Candy Hearts, Waxahatchee, Laura Stevenson, Cayetana
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Release date 26.01.2018
Tiny Engines

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