High Life!

Written by: PP on 26/12/2007 18:57:03

Bands releasing retrospective best of collections should learn from Exit 13, who sets a new example by releasing every single recording they've made throughout their influential grindcore career in a double disc compilation. That makes 45 songs and well over 2 hours and 20 minutes of music. But the question is, does anybody care enough to buy the record? I know I don't, at least not enough to honestly reserve a handful of two hour stretches to actively listen to obscure sustainable ear damage.

From what I could gather though, there are plenty of socio-environmental spoken word samples and themes that are usually found in the punk and hardcore scenes. But I'm not sure if grindcore is exactly the best way to express your philosophical ideas, because nobody is going to understand your indecipherable growls. Thus, your message gets lost in the chaotic music.

Even musically, I don't find Exit 13 particularly good. With excellent grindcore releases from bands like The County Medical Examiners earlier this year, it just isn't good enough to have been "ahead of your time" over ten years ago, especially when your recordings sound like they were recorded through a shoe. Only for grindcore enthusiasts.


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Release date 22.10.2007
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