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Yay, another Revelation Records band! Playing their releases for the first time is always like an early Christmas for me, because their bands tend to be a) great punk hardcore b) great melodic hardcore or c) combination of both. Capital is no exception with their second album \"Homefront\", which has a less angry, more fresh and optimistic take on the hardcore scene. Look forward to hearing plentiful lo-fi guitar harmonies and melodically yelled vocals, think a less technical A Wilhelm Scream with half the speed.

Especially \"Crossroads\" has had me dancing for the last couple of weeks non stop. But I guess that\'s what I should\'ve expected considering the band is fronted by Tommy Corrigan, the ex-vocalist of Silent Majority, one of the most influential hardcore bands to the Long Island scene. \"Procrastination\" is explosive but pays homage to bands like Lifetime and Crime In Stereo in its melodic delivery. Others, like the raw punk rocker \"Rubberface\", draw parallels to Sinking Ships, while the ridiculously enjoyable \"Mosh Parts\" sounds roughly like Against Me! recorded something together with Strike Anywhere. Well, that might be a bit far fetched but exaggeration often clarifies a point.

The strength of Capital is that while they\'re pissed off at social injustice like all bands of this genre are, they don\'t need to deliver their honest message over all too angry music. A couple of New Brunswick styled melodic hardcore riffs and harmonic yelling does it just fine, helped by the solid production that makes each instrument crystal clear while preserving the garage-styled sound that\'s so vital to this genre.

In summary, \"Homefront\" follows the melodic hardcore quality standards set by Revelation Records in the past decade. If you find yourself missing \"Suffer\" era Bad Religion or have recently taken a liking to bands like No Trigger, don\'t hesitate grabbing a hold of \"Homefront\", you won\'t be disappointed.


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For the fans of: Bad Religion, Strike Anywhere, Sinking Ships, Shook Ones
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Release date 05.11.2007
Revelation Records
Provided by Target ApS

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