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Hurrah Hurrah

Written by: PP on 26/12/2007 17:59:56

Danish singer-songwriter Jacob Faurholt has been causing quite a buzz in the underground Danish indie/songwriter scenes with his sophomore album "Hurrah Hurrah", because it deviates so much from what we are used to from other solo artists. It's not poppy, it's not just acoustic guitar with re-hashed melodies song after song, it's something bigger.

Time after time, his great songs amaze me even with so little substance in them. Most of the album consists merely of subtle acoustic guitar with fewer notes in total than on a single track on almost any given other album, with Faurholt's soft tenor voice taking the lead in unexpected melodies and harmonies. Occasionally other instruments like (correct me if I'm wrong) bongo drums are brought in to add a dimension, but only occasionally. Otherwise it's just his voice and a lo-fi acoustic guitar. That might not sound much, but a quick listen to "Sing Little Bird" should be enough to convince you otherwise.

Faurholt's sense of subtle, playful melody is unmatched by other songwriters. The song "Sweet Girl", for instance, borrows slightly from the innocent "Mary had a little lamb" melody: enough for you to notice it but subtly enough so it doesn't bother you. The guitar in "Back Home" is a bit more energetic, but still leaves a lighthearted mood and makes you think about those countless days spent as a kid on a swing in the playground.

Although the acoustic/songwriter domain is perhaps slightly out of focus for the material that I usually review, it doesn't make me not appreciate how well written this record is. Very few people in the world are able to pick up an acoustic guitar and make as weird-sounding songs as Faurholt, and simultaneously keep the quality up! Nothing groundbreaking, but strongly recommended for any indie rock fan.


Download: Sing Little Bird, Young Mothers, Sweet Girl
For the fans of: Copeland, William Tell
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Release date 12.11.2007
Quartermain Records
Provided by Target ApS

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