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The Things I Heard At The Party

Written by: PP on 23/07/2018 20:20:38

Just about ten years ago The Maple State were the band everyone was buzzing about within the UK indie/punk scene. The band's emotionally charged, laid-back take on indie rock was as refreshing as it was catchy, so it was disappointing to see them go on indefinite hiatus before releasing even a single full-length. But here we are in 2018 and the UK scene darlings are finally back together with a banger of a debut album to boot.

"The Things I Heard At The Party" is best described as sparkly, light indie rock with a few emo and pop punk undertones mixed in for good measure. The riffs are upbeat and playful, leaving behind a cheerful vibe that simultaneously borrows from the light beach pop atmosphere of Turnover's recent records, only with a little speedier tempo and louder vocals. Basically, if you've ever listened to 311's lighter tracks like "Amber", mix in a little bit of Tigers Jaw and the aforementioned Turnover, and you're pretty close to how "The Things I Heard At The Party" sounds like. It's indie rock made in the UK alright, but with a fresh twist: down-to-earth melodies and nuances of other genres to make it stand out.

Best of all? The songs are infectiously catchy. From the quirky vocals of the title track through the light atmosphere in "Something In The Water" to the simplistic hum-along melody of "Winner", the songs resonate a decade's worth of songwriting experience through an unassuming, laid-back expression that just works. So although "The Things I Heard At The Party" isn't reinventing the wheel, its flavorful indie punk is exactly what's needed from a country that's more known for the likes of Editors, et al.

Download: The Things I Heard At The Party, Something In The Water, Cold Theatre II (Always You)
For the fans of: Turnover, The Courteneers, Tigers Jaw, 311
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Release date 23.03.2018
Far Out Records

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