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Fear Of Missing Out

Written by: PP on 28/02/2018 23:08:00

The Bombpops have been around for a long time before releasing their debut album "Fear Of Missing Out" on Fat Wreck last year. They're a dual-female fronted, no-frills pop punk band drawing from the tight pop punk guitars of bands like Teenage Bottlerocket and The Copyrights while also injecting a sense of innocence and light pop punk in the vein of Mixtapes and, yes, occasionally bands like Hey Monday or Paramore on their old days.

They've released a number of EPs before this one and they've always been pretty decent, but as one YouTube commenter so perfectly put it, "they are good.. just too generic for my liking.. maybe a good band for a kid getting into punk.. but if you been into punk for more then a decade and this is exciting to you.. you don't listen to enough bands". The biggest problem of The Bombpops is that aside from having female-flavor in an otherwise male-dominated genre, their album brings absolutely nothing new to a saturated genre that would justify high praise. Take a band like Direct Hit!, for instance. You could argue they stayed true to the genre while innovating in the process, and the resulting expression was a breath of fresh air and a masterpiece in the form of Brainless God a good five years back.

The Bombpops, on the other hand? Not much to report here. A few catchy tunes of pop punk with breakneck speed skate punk tempo and guitars borrowed from Teenage Bottlerocket and The Lillingtons to name but a few, but not enough great tunes to make it a memorable album. Sure, "CA In July" and "Be Sweet" are infectiously catchy tracks that simultaneously manage to promote grrrl power spirit in a positive manner, but the rest of the album just sorta...blends together. The vocals aren't charismatic nor unique enough to stand out, so the result is just a bunch of pop punk tracks that are alright, but never better than that.


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For the fans of: Mixtapes, Chixdiggit!, Teenage Bottlerocket, Candy Hearts
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Release date 10.02.2107
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