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Adult Braces EP

Written by: PP on 28/02/2018 22:48:24

The Movielife is a solid, rough-around-the-edges pop punk band. I Am The Avalance is Midwestern punk right up my alley. No Trigger almost sounds like it could be a Vinnie Caruana band, and I actually spent a long time believing he was in it due to how similar pipes vocalist Tom Rheault owns. 2006's "Canyoneer" on Nitro Records is a genre classic, and it's follow-up "Tycoon" six years later on No Sleep Records is an amazing record on its own right. But other than that, the band have been very quiet over the past 12 years. Sure, there was a two-track EP in 2010 called "Be Honest" but that's not much of a release if you ask me. That goes a long way in explaining why the release of "Adult Braces" EP last summer went by relatively unnoticed because if you don't put out records you don't really have your fans' attention especially in today's overwhelming volume of new releases out each year.

Anyway, "Adult Braces" has four brand new No Trigger songs and we're back in the exact sweet spot between melodic hardcore and pop punk. Rheault's coarse, gravelly vocals carry the record with memorable melodies, but the uptempo guitars and rough production mean there's enough meat around the bones to deliver a solid, high-energy punk rock expression. Think back to bands like None More Black and Kid Dynamite and you're on the right track. It's explosive - almost akin to Strike Anywhere's melodic material - but infectiously catchy at the same time. This one coming out so close to the new Movielife record does mean, however, that the two records sound very similar to each other. It's a little more on the melodic side than "Tycoon", but that's alright because the songs are no less catchy as a result.

With just four tracks the EP is done way too soon, and ends up underlining that No Trigger need to put out their third full-length above anything else. These guys haven't released a bad song yet and "Adult Braces" is another four to add to their impressive catalogue of pop punk meets melodic hardcore anthems. It's just too short to rate any higher.

Download: Sleeping Bag, Dogs On Acid
For the fans of: I Am The Avalanche, The Movielife, None More Black, Kid Dynamite
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Release date 28.07.2017
Bird Attack Records

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