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Crossfaith, Japan’s electro-metal answer to the likes of Qemists and Enter Shikari returns with a showcasing that they describe as “music as images from the future.” The band further explain that this latest instalment, “Wipeout”, is about their future. “No one can stop the future, so we chose to dive straight in. These new songs are the guide for where Crossfaith are going”

Where Crossfaith appears to be going is in a more mainstream direction with their sound. Don’t get me wrong, “Wipeout” is full of the usual traits I expect from the Japanese lads. We are treated to the expected EDM influenced metalcore that we’ve always had, the usual synth melodies, the drum and bass beats, the dubstep whooshes and transformer sounds are there like this is influenced by futuristic animé. “Vermillion Gold” contains the same kind of up-tempo and wall of sound intensity we’ve heard in the past from songs such as “We Are The Future”. It’s that same theatrical assault on the ears of catchy hooks placed on top of erratic beats.

Where these tracks differ is how pop-fueled each chorus sounds. These songs are screaming for mainstream radio play. Take the title track, for example, this is party metal at it’s finest. The verse is ferocious, we have impossibly infectious chants on top of the angst-ridden shouted vocals and distorted guitars. Then we have the catchiest chorus I’ve heard from Crossfaith. It’s out and out J-pop with guitars. The clean singing melodies just ache for you to join in. It’s an interesting twist from what I expect from Crossfaith.

These few tracks are going to push Crossfaith up the food chain in rock and metal. Especially with a track such as “Inside The Flames”, which is laden with the hardest riffs and the biggest stretch from pop influences to “core” characteristics. A big singalong chorus followed by an ass-kicking breakdown filled bridge, it’s a song designed for much bigger crowds than previous Crossfaith songs. This EP is a step up in songwriting, adding all the right ingredients to go far in this industry, without sacrificing anything that hooked in older fans.

Download: Wipeout, Inside The Flames, Vermillion Gold
For The Fans Of: Seething Akira, Enter Shikari, The Qemists

Release date 26.01.2018

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