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The Crossfire

Written by: TL on 23/12/2007 16:48:36

I remember Fall Of Serenity\'s \"Bloodred Salvation\" to be one of my earliest reviews and one of first attempts at grading a metal record. I also remember enjoying the album quite much an consequently I of course secured their follow-up \"The Crossfire\" for reviewing. A Record the band has recorded after switching their line-up around a bit, bassist John becoming vocalist, guitarist Alex becoming bassist and new guitarist Ferdinand added.

Now to begin with there seems to be little way of distinguishing \"The Crossfire\" from \"Bloodred Salvation\". Mode is still set to \"Absolutely relentless\", and this time around there are no exceptions. Here-in lies the key issue with \"The Crossfire\" and the only change that\'s really worth discussing soundwise. You see it seems that the guys have wanted to intensify what they do, effectively ferreting out anything that didn\'t serve the purpose of driving their freight-train of a soundscape fullspeed into peoples\' faces. Drummer Lutz barely takes his foot off the kickdrums, and there\'s no semi-clean chorus or metalcore screams in sight. The riffs are meaner and everything is just more \"death metal\" than it was before.

In theory that sounds all good and well, but in reality it\'s not working for the band at all. The first half of the album\'s relentless demonstration of brutality is damn near boring me to the point of falling asleep. You see the removal of all the small extra things from the soundscape has left the music extremely unvaried. It\'s pedals, pedals, pedals, growls growls, growls and while I\'m sure it\'s seems all good and uncompromising to perform, it quickly gets a bit boring to listen to. I\'m missing the synths of \"Dead Eyes\", the groove of \"Out Of The Clouds\" and the generally more clear contrast between shrieking and growling present on \"Bloodred Salvation\". But mainly I\'m missing the sense that the guitars actually create some kind of melody, instead of just being pounded in some sort of attempt at being a hardass. Not until \"In Case Of Death\" am I tempted to nod my head to the beat because something seems remotely interesting and at track no. 8, that\'s simply too little, too late.

So if you\'re dying to get your hands on some low down and straight forward death metal that doesn\'t compromise on anything, get \"The Crossfire\". Otherwise I recommend avoiding its mediocrity and staying with \"Bloodred Salvation\".


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Release Date 19.11.07
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