Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan

Written by: MAK on 25/01/2018 15:07:50

Over the last couple of years, Welsh hardcore punks, Pizzatramp have been causing a riot in the United Kingdom’s DIY scene, especially since the release of “Blowing Chunks” in 2016; an album that was placed in plenty of top 10s that year. The trio has gone on to play countless festivals in 2017, Manchester Punk Fest, Boomtown Fair, Pie Race Festival, Dugstock and Wotsit Called Fest just to name a few. In that time, on top of relentless touring, Pizzatramp somehow had time to write and record another album, “Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan”, cleverly named in honour of TNSrecords label mates Revenge of the Psychotronic Man.

What we’ve always had from Pizzatramp is fast, aggressive and relatively short hardcore punk songs laced with plenty of highly distorted crunchy riffs and throaty vocals. Nothing has changed on this latest instalment, except that this release feels perhaps thrashier, heavier and harder hitting than “Blowing Chunks”. Opening track “Duvet Mover”, is a prime example and a tone setter, unleashing grooving hooks in the verse, with high tempo beats and shreds in the chorus, with punchy, shouted vocals placed on top.

Topically, Pizzatramp has never been that serious and tracks such as “My Back’s Fucking Fucked” and “Social Chlamedia” continue that trend of writing about what random things are going on in the life of the Welshmen and their amusing views on pop culture. We also have a small skit of recording bloopers before launching into pure headbanger, “The Idiot’s Guide To The Internet”, which provides a proper bouncy riff.

The selection of new songs is over very quickly, ten tracks in seventeen minutes blasts right through and it’s to be expected really. However, as a bonus, the following thirteen tracks are placed on as a B-side of older material from past EPs, mostly live favourites such as “Photo Wanker”, “Charlie Don’t Surf” and “Claire Voyant” that fill out the rest of the release nicely.

“Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan” is perhaps not as instantly hooking as its predecessor and tad more one dimensional in musical influences. We are treated to a barrage of hard hitters with little time to breathe for the occasional “fun” song like before, but it does a great job in creating impactful pit starters, what else do you really want from Pizzatramp? These are songs to go wild to and lose your voice just like Sam and Jim do in tearing their throats this album. It’s a simple aggressive album to kick some ass to.


Download: My Back's Fucking Fucked, Idiots Guide To The Internet, Beast
For The Fans Of: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Grand Collapse, The Domestics

Release date 19.01.2018

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