Two (Poverty)

Written by: PP on 23/12/2007 16:18:07

Two years ago in January, when Demiricous released their phenomenal debut album \"One (Hellbound)\", my review predicted that we\'ll be hearing a lot to this band in the underground thrash scenes. And so we did. The band landed big name tours, boosted their Myspace listens to almost 200,000, and were praised by the thrash metal gods Slayer to be the future of the genre. Two years later, full of confidence gained from the utterly convincing debut, Demiricous is ready to finally rise into the thrash metal elite company the belong to with the aptly titled \"Two (Poverty)\".

And \"Two\" isn\'t simply a rehash of \"One\". Straight from the get go, \"Never Enough Road\" makes it clear that while the band has stayed in its modern thrash metal specification, they haven\'t been afraid to grow and evolve as artists. The vocal style has changed from the metalcore styled screaming to a more typically death/thrash metal styled mixture of angry yelling and growling. Along with the sound of the instruments, the voice has become rawer and more brutal, in effect making their music less accessible than before. But as if to counterbalance that, the entire album is a fucking headbangers wet dream. From \"Knuckle Eye\" to \"Leproisaic Belief\", \"Language Of Oblivion\" to \"Celebration Of Damage\", the band fires up a truckload of lightning speed riffs designed to make your head move at insane speeds, complemented by the unfathomable raging vocals ruthlessly pounding on your eardrums, making them bleed of thrash-metal happiness.

\"Expression Of Immunity To God\", this album\'s \"Repentagram\", is an absolute thrash metal masterpiece. Starting from the squeaking solo, the pedal is down to the metal throughout the song, and the riffs are some of the most original you\'ll come to hear in the genre. The song is topped off by the absolutely maniacal chorus where the vocalist growls some indecipherable vocals, before finishing off with an insanely fast \"EXPRESSION OF IMMUNITY TO GOD!!!\" yell, surely designed to bring cold chills down anyone\'s back. But this effect will surely replicate itself from the awesome guitar effect of the verse in \"Knuckle Eye\" or the extended yell-growls of \"Language Of Oblivion\", and these are just a few examples from the record...

The songs on \"Two\" are less obviously constructed than those on \"One\", and require a bit of time getting used to with the evolved style and all. But time spent well is what I\'m thinking. \"Two (Poverty)\" is a massive step forward for the band, and one of the best, if not the best, thrash metal releases this year. Get your head banging!


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Release date 08.10.2007
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