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You Can't Stay Here

Written by: PP on 21/12/2017 23:24:01

As usual, Iron Chic rings it home with another album destined to become a cult classic over the years. "You Can't Stay Here", much like the two records that came before it, is jam-packed with massive catchphrases and introverted, excruciatingly self-critical lyricism by golden throat Jason Lubrano, whose anthemic delivery is goddamn perfect for punk rock shout-alongs. It's their first album in four years, yet if you've ever heard an Iron Chic song before you'll already know exactly what to expect. They are the quintessential FEST band where most of their songs sound more or less identical to each other, basically indie-flavored punk rock with Midwestern nuances, but they are armed with a vocalist whose delivery is one of the most unique and instantly recognizable in the scene.

Just like on previous efforts, Lubrano's voice sounds uplifting, even inspirational on every line, making most songs ideal candidates for the type of let's all sing along punk rock that brings chills down your back when experienced live in intimate venues. But as soon as you pay attention to the emotionally-charged lyricism, you'll find an exceptionally dark, introverted and self-loathing universe that's partially the reason why Iron Chic is so revered in the punk rock scene. Consider the opening song "A Headache With Pictures", for instance:

"You wanna settle the score...Well, I’m trying / Who’s selling self-control? 'Cause I’m buying [...] It ain’t easy to live when you’re dying"

Or this line from "My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)": "I won't see you in hell If I get there first". Alkaline Trio does this same trick so very well: cheerful melodies, the polar opposite lyrical themes.

"You Can't Stay Here" is roughly divided into two types of songs. Those as mentioned before, and "Planes, Chest Paints, And Automobiles" among others, classify as signature style Iron Chic songs. They have enormous sing-alongs for verses and even bigger ones for the choruses, where it's not unrealistic to expect the punk rock crowd to join in for every lyric. They are characterized by clean harmonies, ringing guitar melodies, upbeat tempo, and an overall positive atmosphere that gives the listener a true sense of belonging to a community. "My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)" is one of those magical tracks that helps create that atmosphere, a true banger for the ages.

Then there are the noisy tracks that dominate the middle section of the record. Here, the guitarists go amok on distortion and tremolo to create a more experimental (at least relatively) soundscape that draws memories back to the Latterman days. These provide variety on the record as they are usually slower and more complex in their nature. When put together, it's hard to argue against another classic. These are the songs that will haunt your dreams and build a cult following who sing along to every single lyric at live shows.

Download: My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist); Planes, Chest Pains, And Automobiles; A Headache With Pictures
For the fans of: Latterman, Spraynard, Signals Midwest, Hot Water Music
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Release date 13.10.2017
SideOneDummy Records

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