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Gangsta rapper Ice T has done it again, even though his metal project Body Count sounds atrociously bad on paper when you describe it: rapped lyrics about the hood, guns, crime, and the struggles of the black community over breakdowns, crunchy riffs and crossover hardcore influences in the vein of Suicidal Tendencies. But just like its predecessor "Manslaughter" from three years ago, "Bloodlust" continues to impress its listener on just about all accounts.

Its fresh instrumentation draws equally much on dark atmospherics as it does on pit opening grooves and punishing breakdowns. Its lyrical universe is an immersive, if somewhat bleak universe of inspirational sociopolitical commentary that's admittedly simple at times but highlights the issues extremely well from the Black Lives Matter cause to police militarization and the allure of gangs in troubled neighborhoods. And on top of that, the band deliver their message in the form of some god damn metal anthems that despite their rap metal label shouldn't make even the kvltest of metal fans embarrassed for liking them. From the misanthropic "This Is Why We Ride" to the dystopian analysis of the current state of affairs in the US on "Civil War", Ice T turns to ferocious anger to deliver a monstrous vocal performance that's as convincing as it is unique.

The highly politicized "No Lives Matter" is one of the most timely songs of the year, and together with the fierce criticism of police militarization and trigger-happy behaviour on "Black Hoodie" puts Body Count at the forefront of political commentary within the hardcore scene. Best of all the songs are infectiously catchy, loaded on groovy riffs and signature-style Body Count expression that ensures they aren't just gimmicks that pass. These boys mean business and they are pissed off as hell.

Where "Manslaughter" was characterized by lighthearted, almost tongue-in-cheek lyrics on songs like "Bitch In The Pit" or the confrontational "Talk Shit, Get Shot", "Bloodlust" overall is a much more serious affair. It's a perfect intersection of two cultures that don't usually meet - hip-hop and hardcore - where topics like poverty, marginalization, and other themes are explored with surprising depth. If anything, "Bloodlust" is an energizing effort and might be even better than "Manslaughter" was, proving that Body Count isn't just a gimmick or a joke that's gonna go away.

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Release date 31.03.2017
Century Media

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