Dark The Suns

In Darkness Comes Beauty

Written by: TL on 23/12/2007 15:29:36

About a month ago the remaining active writers here at Rockfreaks.net entered a pact, promising to have all their pending promos for 2007 done before christmas. I don't think it takes a genius to figure out what that means, namely that we'll be flooding the site with reviews from the entire fall over this afternoon and night, and hopefully you guys will be able to keep up. Otherwise keep your eyes open for the overview that'll be posted when the review-storm is over.

To move on topic, this review concerns Dark The Suns, a band that with their debut album "In Darkness Comes Beauty" won't ever really have to tell anyone that they're Finnish. You see these guys sound exactly like we've learnt to expect from bands from the Finnish scene. Massive drawn-out powerchords paints a dark background on which beautiful keyboard melodies dance, making you think of snow falling gently into the dark sea. This is not a HIM clone however, as the band perfectly displays by not the mainstream listener in terms of composition or vocal style. Frontman Mikko Ojala growls like his band was way more 'black' than it's the case, and his lyrics are all but in dechifrable. It is his input that draws the otherwise pretty straight forward dark rock elements towards the black metal imagery, completing the intense atmospheric soundscapes.

Thankfully the band hasn't chosen to adhere to the black metal code of making a shit recording. Effectively their sound is crisp and clear as crystal allowing you to fully enjoy the.. well, the dark beauty they conjure through their music. And it is enjoyable, now doubt about it. The matter over which Dark The Suns stumble is whether their music is also really that interesting. The concept and elements are hardly very original and while the songs on "In Darkness Comes Beauty" are all well crafted, they don't have that special power that really engages the listener and makes him go "WOW!" about them. For this reason the band's debut lands in the "good but just not THAT interesting" category, making the band one from which the best probably has yet to come.


Download: Reflections, The Sleeping Beauty, Alone
For the fans of: Dark Tranquility, Dark symphonic gothic music in general.
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Release Date 19.11.07
Firebox Records
Provided by Target ApS

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