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Written by: LL on 09/11/2017 12:47:18

The Danish shoegaze/post-punk band Fugleflugten (literally "the bird escape", also the Danish term for "as the crow flies") started gaining attention earlier this year, not least when they were booked for Roskilde Festival as well as a bunch of smaller shows and festivals during the summer. They have been slowly releasing singles throughout the year and now this has culminated in their first EP "Bølgevækker" (meaning "wave waker"). Their dense shoegaze soundscapes, energetic echoing riffs, and darkly rounded post-punk vocals are what stand out especially, along with their poetic use of the Danish language. These elements are what makes this EP such a dreamy and heavy listening experience at the same time.

Two out of the five songs on the release have been out as singles for some months and they're the ones that kick off the EP. We start with the no-frills heavy riff of "Alt Der Glimter" ("Everything That Gleams") that is soon joined by the hypnotizing monotone melodies of the band's vocalist Rasmus Yde. It takes two minutes before we hit the recognisable chorus-like part of "Lad mig være din skade for så lover jeg at give dig alt der glimter / Give dig alt der glimter" ("Let me be your magpie and then I promise to give you everything that gleams / Give you everything that gleams"). In general, their songs don't necessarily feel like they're very traditionally built. Rather, they're weaving their way through the compositions that are structured, yes, but in a somewhat loose manner that makes room for a very natural flow as the sounds swell and fall again, much like waves in the ocean that are constantly appearing only to disappear into the whole again. "En Anden Side Af Ting" ("A Different Side To Things"), my personal favorite here by a small margin, is the other previously released single of the EP. The echoing guitar layers that build up fast in the chorus with the yell of "Ulven kommer!" ("The wolf is coming!") to initiate them, seem to encircle the listener with their at the same time hectic and softly dreaming sounds, making for a captivating listen.

Next up is "Glædens Port" ("The Gate of Happiness") that provides a faster, forward-striving tempo that instantly makes it stand apart from the previous songs until it culminates midway with another yell, "Jeg ved det for jeg har været der!" ("I know it because I have been there!"), that sets off a movement towards the ending dominated by a guitar that seems to strive for something larger than life in its high-pitched riff. The last two songs then channel a gloomy but beautiful atmosphere reminiscent of that around dusk and sunset, first through the slow build of "Solens Sidste Stråler" ("The Sun's Last Rays") and last "Det Næsten Totale Mørke" ("The Almost Total Darkness") that moves with a slightly lighter sound in its verses and a new, quivering quality to Yde's vocals, before the guitars break through and end the album in a cathartic build-up.

Overall, this is a strong debut release from a band that really started building their presence about a year ago. It's great to see that they have taken their time and ended up releasing a coherent record that seems thoughtfully put together in lyricism as well as song order. Only "Solens Sidste Stråler" falls a little short as a stand-alone song but in the overall order of the EP, it finds its purpose. "Bølgevækker" has grown on me even more since I checked it out the first time and it's definitely a worthy listen for any fan of all the different kinds of shoegaze- or post-influenced music out there.


Download: En Anden Side Af Ting, Glædens Port, Alt Der Glimter
For The Fans Of: The Minds of 99, The Cure, Slowdive
Listen: facebook.com/fugleflugten

Release date 20.10.2017

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