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We Are The Dynamite

Written by: TL on 23/12/2007 14:27:16

\"We are the dynamite! - Demolition\'s our religion, so light the fuse!\" Those are the words of the explosive chorus of the first song on UK post-hardcore outfit The Blackout\'s debut full lenght \"We Are The Dynamite\". The song is called \"I\'ve Got Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die\" and demonstrates perfectly the attitude and mission of these guys. \"I wanna taste those lips! Why don\'t you shake those hips?\" opens the next song \"I Know You Are But What Am I?\" and I\'m thinking that the band has been looking over Gallows\' shoulder learning how to get properly in peoples faces.

The sound however is not quite as low down and dirty as Gallows though. The Blackout sounds like a carcrash involving the bandvans of Senses Fail and Escape The Fate, imagining that both bands were playing inside the vehicles at the time of collision. This means plenty of screaming, energy to boot, melodic riffs all over and infectiously catchy clean-sung choruses - All of which is drenched in liquor from the bottle labelled \"ROCK\'N\'ROLL\". You see where you\'re used to bands like this having lyrics so whiny it makes even perfectly normal people go and apply razors to their wrists, The Blackout sticks pretty much to singing about the things in life that REALLY matter - Sex, Drugs and Rock\'n\'roll. Maybe not so much about the drugs, but I didn\'t feel like crippling the expression.

\"We Are The Dynamite\" is an excellent showcase of the bands abilities and there\'s not really any dull moments on it. However there are tracks that shine more than others, primarily \"I\'ve Got Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die\", \"Murder In The Make Believe Ballroom\" (which might remind some of you of Chemical Vocation\") and the ballad \"It\'s High-Tide Baby!\". The latter borrowing heavily from Lostprophets, and hey - though I haven\'t been able to find confirmation for this anywhere, isn\'t that Ian Watkins singing some of the lines in it?

Anyway, The Blackout have composed a blast of a debut album in \"We Are The Dynamite\" which I would recommend for everyone - especially Danish people who have nothing to do on January 18th, who might want to consider seeing them when they come to Copenhagen.


Download: I\'ve Got Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die, Murder In The Make Believe Ballroom, It\'s High-Tide Baby!
For the fans of: Escape The Fate, Gallows, Senses Fail, Lostprophets
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Release Date 24.09.07
Fierce Panda Records

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