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Silence Isn't Golden

Written by: MAK on 03/11/2017 22:28:11

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck to get that big break you desire as a band, and that’s exactly what the Arizona-based quartet Figure It Out had when their “Nothing To Lose” EP, which featured Blessthefall’s Beau Bokin on the title track, caught the attention of MTV Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, who directed his nearly five million Instagram followers to listen to the song. This unexpected endorsement fuelled the band's fire greatly, leading them to share stages with the likes Memphis May Fire, Seaway, Stick to Your Guns, Hit the Lights, and many more, and the four-piece is now back with “Silence Isn't Golden” — a four-track EP, which picks up where the last EP left off: energetic, high-tempo tracks that nonetheless incorporate bigger and more powerful elements, too.

The release kicks off with “Second Best” — a bright and bubbly pop-punk hit with bouncy beats, chirpy rhythms, and ever-so-catchy segments; from the ”na-na-na” chants throughout the song to the infectious vocal melody and lyricism in the chorus. It’s a song primed for mainstream radio-play and a triumph waiting to happen. “Lullaby” is a tad more balladic; the tone of the song is less bubblegum pop-influenced and more emotional, with a big anthemic chorus and somber atmosphere in the verse. The contrast is quite impactful.

The variety of the moods presented on this EP keeps changing, and that doesn’t stop with the rather punchy and angst-ridden alt-rock number, ”Silence Isn’t Golden”. It kinds of reminds me of a more recent A Day to Remember crossed with newer material from Blink-182 by virtue of its dynamic drum beats and vigorous riffs. Much like the previous track, the chorus feels big and anthemic, yet the tone of the track is still quite uplifting. Then, “Sleeping Without You”, the final track on the EP, is an acoustic slow-burner about the interaction with someone you care about, and how it feels when that person isn’t around. The track starts off soft and emotional, yet it rises into a crescendo of riff driven catchy ending.

“Silence Isn't Golden” consists of only four tracks, so It’s over pretty quickly. But you do get a taste of what the Arizona-lads have to offer, from the happy-go-lucky opener to the touching closer; for a pop-punk release, it has a bit of everything. It’s a decent listen, and especially the catchier opener really grabs your attention, so more of that on following releases would be a good thing. Still, it’s nice that not all tracks on the effort sound the same.

Download: Second Best, Silence Isn't Golden
For the fans of: Sum 41, State Champs, Blink-182

Release date 01.09.2017

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