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Live From Radio City Music Hall 2007

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Heaven & Hell stand as perhaps one of the most, if not the most, legitimate 'supergroups' of all time, consisting of the classic Black Sabbath lineup from 1980s when Dio used to front the band. To avoid any confrontations and conflicts with any other Black Sabbath singers (especially Ozzy), the band took a smart decision and re-united under a different moniker, that of Heaven & Hell.

So the band re-united and decided to play a couple of shows around the globe, most notably the one in Radio City Music Hall, New York, which the band decided to record into a live 2CD/DVD set. Ticket agencies had to put up sold out signs only a few minutes after opening, and touted ticket prices approached the kind of sky high limits that only people working in the financial industry could afford. By the sounds of this live record, these people got their money's worth. With perfect contrast between crystal clear Sabbath riffs and roar of the massive crowd, the live record is something you'll want to consider popping into a 5.1 surround system to get everything out of the experience. Great quality headphones will do too.

With a setlist consisting of some of the band's absolute classics from the era, such as "The Mob Rules", "Children Of The Sea", "Heaven And Hell" and many others, the disc can rightly be called a celebration of heavy metals roots. Lasting almost two hours, spread over two discs, the audio CD goes through the best songs from all their Dio-related material and then some, making it the ideal Christmas present for your rocker-father, should you be in possession of one. But still, although "Live From Radio City Music Hall" sounds impressive and includes some of the most important songs the music scene has heard to date, in the category of live albums, the disc isn't up to par with the likes from bands like NOFX, Champion and others who have captured their show much better onto the disc. Why? Because essentially, Heaven & Hell aren't a band anymore. Even though you can hear that the band is enthusiastic on stage after not performing together in such a long time, the fact of the matter is still that they won't be able to re-capture the wild rock & roll energy that was present in their old days.

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Release date 3.9.2007
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