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Belgian no-frills pop punkers The Priceduifkes have been around for more than ten years. In that span, they have released seven records ranging from short EPs to a few full-lengths, but since their records are typically between 6 and 10 songs and thus qualify as either, it's difficult to say whether "Goathorse" is their third or fourth album. Either way, as the title suggests, the record is drenched in light-hearted humour as is customary for the style, and plenty of upbeat riffs and sing along choruses.

With constant parallels to bands like The Dopamines, The Copyrights, The Murderburgers and many others from the no-bullshit pop punk scene, you know exactly what you're getting here. Fast riffs, basement style sing along melodies, and tight guitars that drive home an expression which is as simple as it is catchy and fun. "1:38", for instance, is a bouncy song about being wide awake around 1:38am with a breakneck speed tempo, and "Braincracking" is a classic drink beers and sing along type of a punk anthem ideal for tiny basement shows to get the crowd moving. "It's Raining Shit (Hallelujah)" is another high tempo banger with its rhythmic vocal delivery making it a highlight on the record. None of these might be original but they're good fun all the way through; fans of no-frills pop punk should lap these up right away.

Looking back at their 2011 release "Can't Lose", however, few songs on "Goathorse" are comparable to the happy-go-lucky party atmosphere of "Start Drinking" or the infectious sing along of "Bye Bye Love" on that album. So although The Priceduifkes stay true to a tried and tested formula of straight up pop punk on this record, the songs never transcend from good to great. In the end, it's an upbeat record that checks all the right boxes for the style without ever reaching for the spectacular in the genre (think Direct Hit!). Good for a party and a few beers, though.


Download: 1:38, It's Raining Shit (Hallelujah), Braincracking
For the fans of: The Dopamines, The Copyrights, The Murderburgers, Dear Landlord, The Queers
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Release date 25.02.2017
Bearded Punk Records / Rad Girlfriend Records / Monster Zero Records

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