Black And White Rainbows

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Iconic UK alternative rockers Bush have reached album number seven with "Black And White Rainbows", and though they have continued to fine tune their sound over the years, they haven't strayed away from their core 90s alternative rock soundscape complete with grungy undertones. They've also stayed incredibly consistent over the years with few, if any, missteps during their career, helped by the golden throat of Gavin Rossdale whose smoky, anthemic delivery is as charismatic as it is unique.

At this point, it's a relevant question whether Rossdale is ever going to write a bad song. Sure, you can criticize the band for writing relatively simplistic arena rock songs, yet his delivery leaves the songs with a depth-laden impression, not to even mention that they're always unmistakably Bush songs thanks to his instantly recognizable vocals. It's a beloved 90s rock sound that features absolutely zero influence from modern pop culture, which is a tendency on all newer rock albums these days. On "Black And White Rainbows", just like on previous Bush albums, the sound isn't littered with electronics, R'n'B trash or overtly poppy radio choruses.

That said, Bush have always been kings of writing great melodies and given that they're not particularly heavy, radio stations have picked up their songs anyway. And why wouldn't they? A song like "Ray Of Light" is brimming with anthemic nostalgia with a hint of melancholia that's just so easily likable, yet it's not a shallow song by any means. Similarly, "Water" and "Dystopia" are highlights with their smoke-laden croons and unique atmosphere that's best described as somewhere between a ballad and a rock song. "Peace-S" is another good example: these are stadium-sized rock songs with far-reaching soundscapes and great melodies that range from soothing to intensely nostalgic. And with fifteen songs and almost an hour's worth of raw 90s rock godhood, Bush once again deliver a solid album that need not contest against their best material to rank high on year-end lists anyway.


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Release date 10.03.2017
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