The Chinchees

The Chinchees

Written by: PP on 27/07/2017 20:08:44

The Chinchees are a virtually unknown garage punk band out of Minneapolis at this point in time, yet they make an extraordinary amount of noise and buzz on their self-titled debut album. This is one of those Superchunk-inspired albums, where the sheer joy of playing bright, vibrant music shines through every riff and the aggravated tempo throughout the album. Think of them roaming somewhere between the infectious garage melodies of The Thermals, the upbeat style of The Hives, and the groovy guitars of bands like Built To Spill or even Dinosaur Jr.

Such an expression almost always arrives in a listening experience that's just pure fun that puts a smile on your face no matter your mood, and "The Chinchees" is no exception. From the pop punk chorus of "Grocery Bag" to the high-octane tempo of "Melting Foam", the songs carry a youthful, energetic spirit that catches on instantly on first listen. The upbeat nature of the music gives the record its natural worry-free vibe that also fortifies the buzzing, bright atmosphere that drives the songs forward. With a little bit of musical cacophony in the vein of Jeff Rosenstock added to the mix, the resulting expression has just the right amount of punk-laden glitch and scratch that leaves behind a charming sound.

Still, the songs tend to blend into one another on the record with few highlights to mention here. It's a constant feeling of high, but without the sing-along bits that would make it a great, memorable record. As it stands now, it's a decent piece of noisy garage punk packed with melodic fervor, but that's about it.

Download: Grocery Bag, You're Gonna Get Stung, GORP, Melting Foam
For the fans of: The Thermals, The Hives, Built To Spill, Superchunk
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Release date 24.02.2017
Dirt Cult Records

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