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Horn Ur Marken

Written by: BV on 03/07/2017 09:36:57

The Janitors have finally returned! The Swedish purveyors of paranoia-inducing drone psych have reappeared with their first full-length album since 2013’s “Drone Head” and I couldn’t be more excited. With their Bad Afro-released EP “Evil Doings of an Evil Kind”, the band set the tone for the direction in which they were moving and ever since then I have been anxiously awaiting their next move.

With “Horn Ur Marken”, they set out to once again cement their reputation as purveyors of paranoia, drones, heavy psych and a creeping sense of doom and mortality – encapsulated by fuzzed out and highly reverberating guitars. As album-opener “Trojan Ghost” blasted through my speakers for the first time, my immediate thoughts were, quite honestly; ”Holy shit. This is intense.” - as it turns out, that would essentially come to describe the album in its entirety. But more on that later. “Trojan Ghost” is by no means a short and simple track. Its constant sensory-bombardment of a riff is enough to induce paranoia in even the most hardcore of listeners, whilst the echo-drenched vocals send chills down my spine with every passing listen. The overall rhythm section of The Janitors are masters of their craft – constantly containing the drone and the intensity as a result is quite astonishing.

The intensity does not wane with the title track as this creepy, slow drone makes its way into your deepest thoughts, haunting your subconscious for days on end. This is where The Janitors are at their peak – one thing is to create and intense sensory bombardment of fuzzy riffs – another thing entirely is to create a menacing and memorable soundscape with relatively few elements to it. Sometimes less is more – even in psychedelic music.

“Into the Woods” might just be the album’s peak overall though, as it combines the aforementioned elements of “Horn Ur Marken” with utter brutality of “Trojan Ghost” and the like. Fuzz, reverb, delay – all elements seemingly essential to the sound of The Janitors utilized to full effect in a gloriously unfolding, incredibly menacing soundscape. How I love The Janitors – even if their music can occasionally become nightmare fuel. I might actually just love them more for that reason. At least the nightmares have a decent soundtrack then.


Download: Horn Ur Marken, Trojan Ghost, Into the Woods
For The Fans Of: Dead Skeletons, The Black Angels, The Cult of Dom Keller

Release date 24.04.2017
Cardinal Fuzz

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