No Turning Back

No Time To Waste

Written by: PP on 27/05/2017 13:07:38

Testosterone-fueled, Dutch hardcore mob No Turning Back have been a staple in the European hardcore scene for a decade and a half already, having released eight full-lengths of Terror / Expire style by-the-books hardcore for genre loyalists. Their ninth album "No Time To Waste" is no different, relying on a tried-and-tested formula of short bursts of angry, sociopolitically charged hardcore with plenty of moshable down-tuned riffs and barked, yet surprisingly catchy vocals.

"No Time To Waste" is actually an apt title for the record considering the breakneck speed that the album runs through from start to finish. With the vast majority of songs spanning under two minutes in length, the band jumps from one song to another of ferocious hardcore where their anger is visible in an unadulterated fashion in both the lyrical department as well as sonically. "End This War" is a great example: "You should be ending this war / Stop lying to my face", their vocalist spits and rages, whilst the down-tuned breakdowns and thick bass rumblings give the song the oomph and power it requires to be convincing. Similarly, the chanted vocals of "The rich / get richer / the poor /get poorer / Society makes me sick /absolute horror" on album highlight "Turn The Tide" are designed for the perfect violent mosh pits live, especially given how the song starts with breakneck speed, circle-pit friendly action before breaking down the momentum into pure chaos.

Even after a decade and a half, you won't find purer two-step patterns, fist-pump inducing messages, nor camo-shorts friendly hardcore in Europe than No Turning Back's soundscape. Why change what isn't broken? "No Time To Waste" is hardcore for the purists, but it delivers the genre in a satisfyingly convincing manner on every song.


Download: Turn The Tide, End This War, Hold On Tight, Betrayed
For the fans of: Terror, Expire, Backtrack, Risk It!, Strife
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Release date 24.02.2017
Take Control Records

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