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Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo

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Fittingly to their mammoth band name, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza has on many occasions been referred to as one of the most extreme bands on the other side of the pond. Hailing from Tennesee, US, this is a band that likes their extreme metal with humor - and that spiced up with a nice touch of ranch-flavored barbecue. You'll see what I mean as you enter into the frantic extreme metal chaos of their second album "Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo", which I guarantee you is going to make you shit your pants both musically and story wise.

The album is opened with a foreshadowing intro track simply titled "TROUBLE". It starts off with a car radio on the background while a car is parked outside of a Louisiana dive bar, and a backward sounding, probably uneducated local man starts speaking with a distinct small-town American accent, telling the protagonist to only drink his whiskey and keep to himself, as last time he caused "all kinds of hell". To which he replies: "Don't tread on me" - and the band launches instantly into the chaotic metal mess known as "You Gonna Buy The Beers Or The Whole Damn Bar?". Even the mighty Psyopus would shy away from in terms of technical delivery, and the domineering The Dillinger Escape Plan would blush to call their own material brutal after listening to only a few seconds of the track. The vocalist rages like a hundred demons were trapped inside of his head by the sounds of it, but it works in creating the backward Tennesee stereotype that us Europeans surely will all know - fitting the story perfectly.

And here's where it could all go wrong. It could come across just as sheer purposeless noise, given the almost mathematical nature of the intricate riffs on top of the already insane vocalist, but it doesn't. The relentless drum sequences command the rhythm and just barely patch the songs together, and as such allow for a soundscape that's both absolutely tight and peculiarly loose at the same time.

After a few equally relentless tracks, the story continues in the form of an interlude track "Top English" with our non-welcome stranger in the bar trying out a pool table, which apparently isn't even "regulation sized", causing people in the bars to have a laugh at him because he's complaining about not being able to get "spin on the ball".... and as soon as the conversation finishes the band launches into another freight train of a track called "The Electric Boogaloo". The mental pace and ultra technicality isn't paused for a second, and the track is followed by "Crunchy Black Did Me In At Midnight Madness", "Mad Max Beyond Superdome" and "Caroll 14 Wossman 7", all full of crunching, ball-crushing riffs that leave your skull feeling worse than during a major hangover. Without giving too much more away from the rest of the story, I'll just quickly hint that it involves our main character not being served a shot of whiskey at the bar, some flying barstools and a chainsaw...

I guess I've got a bit of a masochist in me as I keep returning to the controlled disorder voluntarily time after time. I'm not entirely sure whether it's the disturbing storyline or the incredible amount of sheer power and brute force that the band is able to fit into such a technical mold that keeps me returning, but either way, this is extreme metal in its most extreme form. Throw away your Severe Torture and Carcass records, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza will grind your skull open without any sedatives, and make it sound great in the process.

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For the fans of: Psyopus, Ed Gein, The Red Chord, Heavy Heavy Low Low
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Release date 16.10.2007
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