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Ninet Tayeb, or just simply Ninet, is an Israeli singer whom I mainly know because of her work with progressive rock icon Steven Wilson on his most recent album "Hand.Cannot.Erase", as well as on his upcoming new songs (check her out on the new single "Pariah" for instance). She is one of the most famous singers in her local scene but has now moved to Los Angeles and has released her first major international release, "Paper Parachute". She has also collaborated earlier with artists like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Cyndi Lauper and The Dead Daisies and her music is best described as alternative or indie rock with distinct Middle Eastern vibes.

The title track leads us into Tayeb's universe with a subdued, echoing beat that is soon accompanied by careful guitar chords and her singing. It builds up tension slowly but in its four-minute duration, it proceeds to go all out with distorted and screeching guitars as well as some powerful belting from Tayeb that will appear later on as well, before it slowly fades out again. With the stage set like this, we're then introduced to the intriguing mix of Western and Middle Eastern riffs and rhythms that are a big part of what makes this release so interesting. The single "Superstar" marks this the most clearly with its big swinging rock riffs that mix unseemingly with the chorus chords and the following exotic theme to create a very layered sound. Overall, though, it falls a bit short in its simple structure compared to the other songs that dig deeper.

The underplayed "Child", as well as especially the later ominous and dark "Subservient", are the ones that really got me hooked, with Tayeb's round voice that dominates the circling guitars underneath. The all-out huge rock riffs of "Elinor" along with Tayeb's fierce show of how she can also channel her inner Joan Jett, makes for yet another highlight, that is however very different from the other songs. After this, the album takes it way down for the remaining four songs that are all markedly slower and more floating in their soundscapes. They each have their qualities but the haunting "Ocean" is the most striking to me as Tayeb suddenly blends into another role as she sings softly and jazzy like a Lisa Ekdahl or Nora Jones, only further heightening my respect for her vocal skills. Haunting long notes pull through the song, creating an astute sense of melancholy that sticks out against the other songs on the second half of the album.

This is thus a strong release that succeeds in showcasing various aspects of Tayeb and her crew's musical skills and songwriting abilities while turning out some real bangers in the process. The flow is perhaps a little off as the cut after "Elinor" to the much more mellow sound of the rest of the album makes it sort of seep out instead of ending on another high note. The songs mentioned below are all distinct highlights to me while the remaining four songs on the album are not quite as memorable. Still, it's an interesting release and the sound of Tayeb's musical universe is one it takes some time to fully explore, so you should, by all means, give it a chance.

Download: Subservient, Elinor, Ocean, Paper Parachute, Child
For The Fans Of: her work with Steven Wilson, PJ Harvey, Aviv Geffen, Joan Jett, The Pixies

Release date 03.02.2017
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