Days Of Wrath

Written by: PP on 11/12/2007 23:13:15

If Satan had a band, it would most likely be Syrach. That should set you right into the mood of the Norwegian doom machine's new album "Days Of Wrath". In case the opening line didn't do it for you, I advise you to peak on their website, which welcomes the visitor with an ounce of wisdom: "He who walks on the dark path shall forever be doomed..." While some of you might figure "oh that's horrible", I know that a minority of you will already be itching to click to the Myspace page to check out how they actually sound, and that's exactly what all of you should be doing regardless of your opinion on doom metal.

You see, "Days Of Wrath" isn't your ordinary doom album. Instead of creeping forward at a painstakingly slow pace in a blacker than black atmosphere, the album has a lot more kick and action to it than you'd first imagine when you hear the word "doom" associated with them. The album opener "Are You Able To Breath Fire?" is accurately titled, as it oppresses its listener under a frenzy of red-hot flames shooting out of the guitars and the roaring growls of vocalist "Ripper". The chord progressions are massive, and I don't think I even need to signify the brutality of it all. But somewhere in the midst of the ugliness the band has fitted a sense of beautiful melody, a sense of unforgiving contrast between good and evil. You'll hear this on the clean/growl dynamics of "Semper Ardens", and in the touching guitar of "The Firm Grip Of Death" that runs alongside Ripper's monstrous growling.

Although Ripper's the one leading the show with his thick growl, the band occasionally visits arrangements similar to those by the legendary Ahab or the Danish doom heavyweights Saturnus. While the prior's soundscape revolved around themes of a thunderous sea and the latter focused on picturesque depiction of love in their sound, Syrach's sound is rawer and more furious, occasionally striking the listener like Satan's whip, but this doesn't stop them from evoking some beauty in the process. Take the guitars in "Stigma Diabolikum" for instance which jump between the beautiful progressive compositions and the rumbling bass/growl combos throughout the song.

In summary, Syrach's "Days Of Wrath" is deeply rooted in the doom tradition of painting massive landscapes and ideologies into your mind through long-lasting arrangements, but isn't afraid to throw in a bit of influence from other genres and mix the sound up a bit. Prepare yourself for songs lasting between nine and fourteen minutes and the sound of how red-hot hell would sound recorded in a studio atmosphere.

Download: Are You Able To Breath Fire?, Stigma Diabolikum
For the fans of: Ahab, Saturnus, My Dying Bride
Listen: Myspace

Release date 05.11.2007
Napalm Records
Provided by Target ApS

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