Trade Wind

You Make Everything Disappear

Written by: LF on 24/04/2017 20:43:19

Trade Wind was announced as a new band back in 2014 and consists today of drummer Andrew McEnaney from Structures, guitarist Tom Williams from Stray from the Path, vocalist Jesse Barnett from Stick to Your Guns, and producer/engineer Randy LeBoeuf on bass and backing vocals. Their musical style is different from any of those bands though, mostly centering around crushing melodic riffs and clean vocals that venture into screams from time to time in a post-hardcore sound reminiscent not least of the seminal band Thrice.

"You Make Everything Disappear" is their second recording, following 2014's EP "Suffer Just To Believe", and no time is wasted in its atmospheric 31 minutes. The first three songs go all out with huge guitar riffs and in each their own way cement this band as something worth keeping an eye on. The contrasts between noise and silence of the different parts stand out beautifully, not least in the headbang-inducing "I Hope I Don't Wake Up" with its memorable main riff that repeats in different contexts all over the track. "Lowest Form" was the song that really got me hooked on this band, to begin with, and it's still as convincing as the very first time I came by it with all its intoxicating rumbling, busy drum patterns and delicate, hazy singing. Ending this great triplet of songs, the slower and heavier "Tatiana (I Miss You So Much)" goes right off into a thickly layered, melancholic sound that underscores the pain in Barnett's screamed chorus very well.

After this very strong start, two much quieter songs float by with simpler structures before the harder side of their sound appears momentarily in "Rare". This is followed by an acoustic track that takes everything way down in preparation for the layered floatiness of the ending song "Je t'aimerais toujours" that sees Barnett expressing himself in French. Of the quieter tunes, "Grey Light" does have a nice melody, but the record doesn't quite get back up again to the wow-level of the first tracks. We are however shown different sides of what the group is capable of and it makes for an engaging listen if you can deal with the change of pace to a much mellower vibe that kicks in after the first three tracks.

Download: Lowest Form, I Hope I Don't Wake Up, Grey Light
For The Fans Of: Thrice, Sights & Sounds, Moving Mountains, Bilmuri

Release date 15.07.2016
Equal Vision/Graphic Nature/End Hits

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