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Written by: LF on 12/04/2017 14:17:26

Reliks is an alternative rock band from Copenhagen and in March, they released four songs as their self-titled debut EP. On it, they play around with a light kind of progressive shoegaze sound in some nevertheless tight song frames. Fans of fellow Danish band Mew, as well as the more atmospheric songs from Kashmir should feel right at home in this blend of sound that insists on reaching in several directions at the same time.

There's a jazzy kind of ease in their off-beat melodies and riffs, not least on the first song and album highlight "Wash". It maintains a steadfast, dark and synth-driven beat while leaving space for both the vocals and the guitars to go off into each their own domains. "Agents" has some of the same offbeat qualities but this time they're everywhere as if the dizzying circling riffs impact everything around them all the way to the bottom-level of rhythm that keeps everything together.

In between these two, we find "Desert" that charges slowly into a dominating post-rock-ish tremolo sound of vastness and serves to switch up the pace of the EP quite nicely. Even though it is the longest song here, it ends sort of abruptly and could have no doubt easily sustained to build up even further. The last song, Halt", ends the EP by opening up the otherwise dark and mysterious vibe that the other songs have set. Although all the songs are explorative in their build-ups, they never feel out of control but rather carefully measured and structured.

What is most memorable about these tracks is no doubt their atmospheres and the tone of the instruments in them. "Wash" ends up being the only one of the songs with a vocal melody that stays with me after a few playthroughs though. So while I know I enjoyed listening to the world of Reliks', I find myself searching my brain afterward to no luck for that guitar riff or that vocal line that will make me remember how the other songs developed. Still, this is definitely an interesting starting point and I'll look forward to hearing more in the future.

Download: Wash, Agents
For The Fans Of: Kashmir, Mew, The Frances Desire, Hippo Campus

Release date 24.03.2017

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